Riot Conference
Moscow • September 24 • 2015
September 24, 2015


Riot Games as a company was established in 2006 and we’ve expanded into Russia & CIS region just over two years ago. We are privileged to serve over 67 million monthly players globally and we see great potential in the Russia & CIS market.

Why are we having this Conference?

We want to share our vision and practices with the incredibly diverse professional community in Russia. We want to gather feedback and discuss industries topics. We also want to build a strong network with our peers and establish long term relationships with professionals from different industries in Russia & CIS. In order to share real insights, we strive to make our event truly global with senior Riot speakers from Los Angeles, Hong Kong, Berlin, Istanbul, Dublin, and Moscow. So we will host this event in English with live translation support

Who is invited to the Conference?

To achieve greater focus, we’re inviting senior professionals from the industries where Riot Games is present: Game Development & Publishing, eSports and Media & Entertainment. We want to bring great minds with similar interests together in order to create a productive and informative environment to share ideas. This is an invitation only event, so in order to participate in it, you would have to have received the invitation via Facebook, LinkedIn, or Email and confirmed your participation by entering the personal code at the bottom of this page.

So what’s next?

Please RSVP to your invitation which contains your personal, non-transferrable invitation code. Please also note that due to limited venue space we will have to stop the registration when we’ve reached the participants’ limit.

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